Christopher Nevill (born 1937) was dubbed a “Lifesmith” by a colleague attempting to summarize the broad scope of experiential knowledge held by this native South African. The range of his interests is eclectic; his reading prodigious; he has been heard to say that that the last time he did a days work was back in 1989. In that year he changed his mind about the concept of work, stepped out of the commercial world and began to follow his passion. Christopher’s expanded vision for the development of human values, in both private individuals and companies and his no-nonsense, practical and often controversial outlook on issues such as relationships, self, business management, leadership, parenthood and the meaning of life, has been forged in the crucible of South Africa – a country universally recognised as “the world in one nation”. His work has had a profound impact on the lives of thousands of people in many countries and from all walks of life.


Christopher is in Istanbul until the end of April and is available for personal sessions where you will be able to explore with him the complexity of all the subjects that concern us as human  beings – Relationships of all kinds, Children, Career and the possibilities of where to from wherever it is that you are at this time.


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Call him directly on his Turkish mobile 0530 655 24 00 to arrange a session.


Christopher’s sessions run for 90 minutes and are charged at TL 700 per session. For Hepsi Hikaye customers Christopher’s session fee will be TL500.


Christopher does not deal with answers – only possibilities!